Posted by Joseph

India has been an interesting experience.  There haven’t been many particular places that impressed me as much as the overall feel of the place.  It is a very poor country and we have seen a bunch of slums throughout the city.  A lot of people seem very poor and there are a lot of beggars.  The driving is unreal.  No one in Utah would last a half hour on these streets.  There is no such thing as yielding to the pedestrians or the right car or whatever. Basically whoever is biggest gets the right of way. 

Another thing that has been crazy is how much attention we get.  People here must not see whites very often because people stare at us and want to take pictures. All of the salesman try to harass us and stuff.  I have liked seeing this part of the world and I think it’s important to know how people live who aren’t as fortunate as I am.  India has been the most interesting culture we’ve seen so far.