Paris and Normandy

Posted by Joseph

France has been really cool and I’ve enjoyed it a lot.  It was crazy how different Paris is than Mumbai, and in some ways it was relaxing to finally get here!  It was also fun because my Grandparents and Andrew Benson met us here.  We have seen a lot of different churches, including the Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame.  We travelled to Versailles and saw the palace and it was amazing! Just the combination of all the gold and artwork, it was truly amazing.  I thought that all the ceiling paintings were amazing.  I heard that the palace could sleep 20,000!

Today we took a tour up to Normandy and saw all the D-day memorials and beaches.  I thought that was the neatest thing we have seen so far.  Normandy is full of small villages and farms and beautiful scenery.  My favorite part was seeing Point Hoc, which was where some USA Rangers attacked the Germans who formed a bunch of concrete bunkers.  A lot of the Bunkers and tunnels still remain and you can still see where the bombs hit.  I was really thankful for the people who gave their lives and also thought all that happened was really interesting.