Larry Lunt at Normandy

Grandpa Larry wrote a special blog post for the Lunt Capital blog about Normandy--you won't want to miss it.  Here is the introduction with a link:

As part of our Investment Trek, we are visiting the beaches and cemeteries of Normandy.  This is the site of the greatest amphibious and airborne operation of all time, and it changed the course of history.  We are forever grateful for the ultimate sacrifice of thousands at Normandy.  The freedoms we enjoy today were protected by these brave men.

We have a special blog post in recognition of the hallowed events that transpired at Normandy.  The author of this blog post is Retired Brigadier General Larry Lunt.  Larry is also a founder and owner of Lunt Capital Management, Inc.  Larry spent 36 years in the military, and he has a deep love of our country and has an unmatched appreciation of all who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy.  At the time of his retirement, Larry was commander of the Utah Air National Guard.  His military service stretched from Vietnam to the response to the 9-11 attacks.

Larry has joined us for a portion of the Investment Trek, and it is most fitting that he would share his thoughts with you from Normandy.