Posted by Rebecca

London has been so fun!  We got to see everything: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, Tower of London Bridge, Tower of London, and a lot of fun other places and things.  It was a lot of fun to ride on a red double-decker bus and see all the red telephone booths, because when I think of London, that is what I think of.  The bright red telephone booths and buses are also really fun because the old buildings of London are more neutral colors, and it rains a lot there, and the rainclouds make the sky gray, so the red buses and telephone booths stand out even more.

On our first evening there, we accidentally walked straight into a huge protest.  Well, it was actually one big protest with a bunch of people protesting a ton of random things, from education to jails to cats.  It was right in front of the Parliament, and it took up the whole street

My favorite things were probably the London Eye and Big Ben.  The London Eye was really neat; it’s so fun to be above all of London.  You could see everything. I loved Big Ben because it’s not use famous, it’s actually beautiful too, which makes it even better!  We were able to pass by it quite a few times, and it got more beautiful every time I saw it!

London was a lot of fun, I really loved being there!