Posted by Sydney

London is such a beautiful city rich in amazing architecture and interesting history.  The streets are lined with beautiful flats that make you feel you’ve traveled to somewhere wonderful!  There are some things that remind you of America (the language is familiar, for starters), but there is much about London that is all its own.  This was where Larry went on his mission 50 years ago, so it was fun to see where the mission home was and hear of his memories.

A highlight was going to church here.  There was a new BYU semester abroad group, missionaries speaking for Sacrament Meeting (one was a convert of 1 year from Uganda), and a Gospel Principles with many investigators and new converts.  There were also some fellow-Holladay friends running the Visitors Center there.  It is right in the lobby of the church – brilliant really.  Funny enough they were also serving in the Washington DC visitor’s center when we visited there a couple years ago.  The church is on this beautiful street that is used primarily for pedestrians.  It is right next to the famous Victoria & Albert and Natural History museums.  It is an amazing area of town and has a big screen showing “Because of Him” and a Christus right in the front windows.  Awesome!


I loved visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral (think 1981 Charles & Diana wedding).  It is filled with beautiful artwork and mosaics.  It was bombed in the war as well as burned in the Great Fire (a fire that burned for 5 days in London destroying 13,000 homes).  It has a dome that is 2nd only in size to St. Peters Cathedral in Rome.  We were able to climb to the inner part of the dome and then to two different levels of the outer part of the dome.  I confess, I am a little surprised they just let you climb up there.  The upper area was insanely high, small around, and only about 2 feet between the wall and the railing!  But the view was spectacular!

We also had a chance to meet with the mission President & wife (the Jordans) for an evening.  They are coming home in a few days having loved every minute of their mission.  Their home is close to the chapel.  They know Hannah’s mission president, so it was tender for me to have a chance to hear what they know about Romania and her mission.  It was also fun to think that in 1 short year, Joseph’s picture will be on some Mission President’s office wall awaiting his first area and companion!