Posted by Rebecca

Rio has been amazing.  It is completely different from everywhere we have been, and it is incredible.  There is so much natural beauty here.  The city is built around mountains and lagoons and is right along the Atlantic Ocean.  It is beautiful.

Our hotel is a block away from the Copacabana Beach, and it is beautiful.  It has a long stretch of sand and the waves are huge.  The ocean is a little bit cold, but I loved being out in it.  There were lots of shells along the beach too.

Our hotel was really close to the Sugarloaf Mountain.  We took a tram to the top, and it was probably the most amazing view I have ever seen.  You could see the Christ the Redeemer Statue, the beaches, and the city; it was gorgeous.

We also got to go to the Christ the Redeemer Statue.  It was such a nice, pretty statue, and it was awesome to be able to go up to it.  There were so many people around it, though; you could barely get through the crowd.  But it was amazing.

I have loved spending time in Brazil.  It has been fun spending time at a place that is built around so much natural beauty.  I have loved it here in Rio!