Posted by Sydney

Rio was the most naturally beautiful city I have ever seen.  It is amazing to see God’s hand in all things of the world.  The city is literally built around the mountains, hills, trees, & lagoons.  There are signs all around the city of last year’s World Cup and looking forward to next year’s Olympic Games.  There is no doubt the people who attend will love being in such a beautiful place!

Like India, there are literally millions of people who live in dire poverty.  They have homes like I mentioned in India – stacked one on top of the other and so small they can’t even stand up.  I have been so impressed thinking of how Heavenly Father knows all His children – even the millions in what are called the “slums” of Mumbai and Rio.  It is so wonderful to think that we have such a loving & merciful Father in Heaven.

There was so much to love about Rio:   the famous steakhouses, the soft sandy beaches, the famous havaiana flip flops, the Sa'ara market, and the mountainsides of thick green trees.  There are soccer goals, volleyball nets, and countless vendors all over the beaches.    It was especially fun to watch a game called Footvolley.  It is played just like beach volleyball, but they are not able to use their hands - thus, they use their heads, shoulders, feet, etc.  It was incredible the talent these men had and so, so fun to watch!

The most famous site is the Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado mountain.  It was amazing how they could build a 12 story statue on top of the mountain.   But even more amazing is the thousands of people who flock to see this statue each day.  It has a view of the entire city and it seems so perfect to think of the Savior of the world looking down and watching over us all.