Posted by Joseph

Istanbul has been a really fun country to visit.  I didn’t really know much about Istanbul before I came here, but I was really impressed by what I saw.  I really liked all of the activity going on everywhere, and all of the markets that we went to were really neat and I liked seeing all of the spices, rugs, and pottery.  We got to see a demonstration of how Turkish rugs are made, and that was really cool.

Muslim culture is very interesting here.  Mosques are everywhere.  They are the main tourist attraction, and all of them are massive.  They are really cool with the giant domes and the different colors.  Many people observe Islam differently here.  The more “traditional” fast on Ramadan and the women wear the black robes.  Others just believe but don’t really do the traditions.  Most of the people here are friendly and I’m glad to have visited here.