Posted by Rebecca

Wow, Berlin is amazing.  It’s been so fun to be back in Europe!  It’s fun to see some funny symbols of the city – they have these life-size bear statues all around the city that are fun, and a walking man named Ampelman who is really cute.                                                                                                                                             

We have seen lots of stuff based around the Berlin Wall and the Cold War.  We went to Checkpoint Charlie and the longest stretch of the Berlin Wall left, and a few museums.  It’s so interesting to see how different West Germany and East Germany were.  It was also so amazing to hear about all the escape attempts.  People were so creative in their escapes – they smuggled in parts to make balloons, kayaks, submarines, and they made their own secret compartments in cars and suitcases.  People jumped out of 4th story buildings, and an East German guard jumped right over the barbed wire.  People were so brave.       I have loved everything about Germany – it has been such a fun trip!!