Posted by Joseph

I have really liked Berlin so far.  I didn’t expect to see so many tourists.  There are kind of a lot, but a lot of them are European tourists. Pretty much all of the things that we went to were surrounding the Berlin Wall and the division in Germany. We went to quite a few museums, so we all know all about it now.  It is really interesting history and I think it shows what people will do to have democracy.

We also visited the Holocaust museum.  It was really eye opening and put faces and stories to the events. They went through some astonishing things and it is surprising that anyone could be so cruel. Millions of people were murdered and the survivors endured things that were unbelievable. 

Berlin has shown me what living in a communist or fascist lifestyle would be like and it’s terrible.  There is a huge contrast to how these people were living and how they are now. I’m thankful I live where I do.