September 28, 2015

Transfer Cince a inceput! Iasi, te veni! (Fifth Transfer has begun! Iasi, here I come!)

Buna!!! MY FIFTH TRANSFER HAS BEGUN! UAU, UAU, UAU! (UAU = WOW!  Sorry, I'm just super excited! :)) I loved my fourth transfer and I will miss Ploiesti more than you can believe, but I'm excited for the new adventures ahead! This has already been an adventure, because I'm actually going to Iasi! (pronounced like Yosh). So, I saw that on the transfer board that I was going to be in a threesome in Panduri, so I started packing up and helping Sora Draper clean because she is training!!! So exciting. Anyway, we got a call from President Ivory and he told me that He felt that I should go to Iasi. I have heard that this is an incredibly beautiful city close to the border of Moldova and I will be companions with Sora Weaver from Olympus High! I'm way excited because I feel that this is definitely where the Lord wants me to be and I'm going to learn some great lessons that will help bring me and others closer to the Savior.

 So, as I said earlier, I am leaving Ploiesti! Truly there is never more of a bittersweet feeling than to say goodbye to all those that I love: bitter because I will miss them and sweet because I know that the Lord needs me elsewhere. I have learned many great lessons from the people here: the Musat family and their love for the temple and eternal families, the Fotia family and their love for missionary work and all the members and their love for the Savior, the Restored gospel, and the Book of Mormon. I have also learned a lot from the people that we have been lead to, and who the Lord has led to us: Oana and her love for true friendship, two new investigators from English: Laviimia and Dede (two very sweet, thoughtful, open girls) and their love for learning, Constanta and her love for her family, Giorgiana and her love for working hard and helping out. And from those I serve with, Elder Latiti and his love for humor and enjoying missionary work, Elder Avila and his love for doing all he can, Elder DeLuna and his love for studying and working hard, Elder Bateman for his love of working hard. And from my colega, Sora Draper, I learned the love of working hard and having fun, being adventurous and smart, and of loving every minute of life.

 I think that this was the most important lesson that I learned from this transfer: true Christlike love. When we truly, with all of our hearts, love the Lord and every part of his restored gospel, we will find a strong love start to grow in us to share it. We will become more obedient, faithful, courageous, optimistic and keep an eternal perspective for ourselves and others to the end because we trust in Heavenly Father's love for us & the Savior's Atonement.  We will love every minute of life and always try to do our best, even when it doesn't seem like enough or we make mistakes. That's when the Lord will bless us with miracles, because while we are not perfect, we are doing all we can to "have a perfect love, even the love of Christ." The Lord has blessed Ploiesti in so many ways, knowing that fills me with such humility and gratitude. I may feel sad at saying goodbye, but the Lord knows where I need to go and what I need to do and what I need to become in Iasi. I trust Him because I love Him. 

 Tomorrow, I will leave for Iasi on a flight from Bucuresti (Bucharest), and I am excited! I may not be very strong, brave, or wise but I can do the small and simple things that He asks me to do: read the scriptures and the words of His living prophets, fast, pray, take the sacrament, serve with a willing heart and mind, listen to the Holy Ghost, and love others with His love. I am so, so thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. In my last lesson with Oana, we were able to tell her that the love and peace she's been feeling is the Spirit from a loving Heavenly Father telling her that this is true. Prophets will help us to have this Spirit as well, I pray that when we listen to their messages, and sustain three new Apostles, that we will remember that they are the Lord's chosen servants who testify of Christ and help direct His Sheep.  I have been reading in Mosiah chapter 26 through 29, and I came across the verses when the prophet Alma is praying to the Lord for counsel, and the Lord praises Him and those of the church for believing in the words of the prophets. He then instructs Alma to go and gather His sheep, and any that hear His voice and believe will be received. He will call them in His own name and receive them. I have been thinking a lot about the significance of this: we have been called to be shepherds who will love and believe and obey so that we may lead the sheep to the Good Shepherd, where they may find peace and love forever. I am so thankful for all the lessons that He has taught me, especially that it is all possible because of His love. 

 Va iubesc! Hurrah for Israel! 


Sora Lunt

The meetinghouse in Romania.

 Iasi is close to Moldova.  It is known as a very cultural city and is the 4th largest in Romania.  It was once the capital of Moldova.

Iasi is close to Moldova.  It is known as a very cultural city and is the 4th largest in Romania.  It was once the capital of Moldova.