October 26, 2015

Lectie lui Puterea lui Rugaciune (Lesson on the Power of Prayer)

Buna! Hello to all! Happy Halloween!

I'm sorry that I sent such a short email last week, we had two lessons with English students within a couple hours of each other. But they were great lessons, and we have some fantastic new investigators!  

Oh, ce o saptemana aceasta a fost! (What a week this was!) I have been blessed in so many ways, I love my two amazing companions, Sora Weaver and Sora Kitchen, they've taught me so much about being positive and listening to the Spirit! English class has been great too, we've had about a dozen people and gotten some amazing new investigators from Incepator (beginner)! The language is coming great, there are still a lot of words I need to learn, but I understand really well and speaking gets easier and easier! We had some amazing lessons with members and investigators, and this week, we're throwing a Halloween party! Dracula, jocuri (games), mancare (food) si prietene (friends), this will be the best! I forgot to tell you about Zone Conference in Moldova, it was amazing, it felt a lot like Ukraine, so much Russian influence!  I'm so thankful for President and Sora Ivory, who taught us that a mission changes you without a doubt, it's the attitude of how you respond to everything that determines whether it's for better or not. They told us, "Every day, you determine the person you will become..come follow Christ." I will and I know that you will too, your examples always lift me.

I want to tell you a little about the lessons we had this week!  We have been able to have lessons with six new wonderful people this week, English students who wanted to learn a little more about us. I am so thankful that the Lord lead these wonderful people to us, they are so open and willing to learn and prepared. I am so thankful that this week, the Spirit helped me to remember the importance of true prayer. Sora Weaver felt prompted to have our spiritual thought in a lesson with three of our English students on prayer. I was incredibly nervous, because I wanted so much to teach this family, so I kept praying in my heart for the Spirit to give us the words that would touch their hearts. Then, in my heart, I felt more than I heard these two words: "Let go." I closed my eyes and released all my worry and doubts, and the lesson we had was the most incredible because by letting go of distractions, my heart was more open to listening to my companions, our incredible new friends, and most importantly to the Spirit who gave me and my companions what they needed to hear. On Sunday, we were talking with a member who had just returned from the temple about the new people we were teaching, and she said, " Of course, I was praying in the temple for you to find new investigators!" Prayer truly is the most marvelous gift, the knowledge that we do have a Father in Heaven who wants to hear us, who listens because He loves us, and blesses us for our gratitude and trying to become better by giving us exactly what He knows we need.

In November, Elder Ballard, who dedicated Moldova, will be coming to speak to us! I'm both excited and humbled, because this is definitely a time to prepare. This is what the Lord wants me to focus on these next four weeks: to do all I can to help others around me to feel of His love. This is a privilege I want to be worthy of more than anything, so these next four weeks I will be positive all that I can, look people in the eyes, smile, start conversations, and pray with all my heart for opportunities to share, pray to know the will of the Lord in my heart and believe in His trust in me. I will always be grateful for this sacred trust and I never want to let Him down. I love Him. I love His work. And I love the people here. There is nothing I want more for them to know that they can feel Heavenly Father and Christ's love for them. 


Sora Lunt


Pix of one of our Engleaza posters, our cute investigator Ioana, Sora Brown (we got a senior couple in Iasi-they're so cool!), and our English students Ping pong!