October 5, 2015

Putem fi lumina Lui pe pamant (We can be His light on Earth)

Buna, prietene mele din Iasi frumoasa!! Hello, friends from beautiful Iasi! So, more wonderful surprises, I found out the day I left for Iasi that I am actually in a trio! They moved the trio to Iasi and so I am with Sora Weaver and Sora Kitchen! We are a district of five: Three sisters and two elders (Elder Chatterton and Elder Swafford)! It is so great hearing from everybody, how life is, and especially how everyone loved General Conference! I can hardly believe that six months ago, I was in the MTC watching it on a huge screen, and now I'm in Romania! The time really does fly by!

 In conferences in the past, I have found the Spirit of the Lord speaking to me through the words of His prophets and apostles. I am so thankful for being taught all my life that if I listened with a sincere heart wide open to my Savior, that I will receive exactly what I need. I felt that throughout the meetings. I felt it when Elder Lawrence asked each of us to look deep within our hearts and ask the Lord in prayer: "What lack I yet?"  I felt it when Sister Marriott told us that when we give ourselves to the Lord, He will make us something far greater than we could ever imagine. I felt it when Elder Uchtdorf said that God created us to have joy. I felt it as Elder Oaks quoted the words of the hymn "Where can I turn for Peace?" and seeing the statue of Christ's outstretched arms waiting to embrace us and heal our broken hearts. I felt it when we had the chance to sustain President Monson and all of the General Authorities, and to sustain three new Apostles:  Elder Rasband, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Renlund. I felt it singing the comforting promise of the Savior: "Fear not, I am with thee" and promising with all my heart: "I'll never, no never, never forsake!" And I felt it hearing the voice of the beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson as he asked each of us to make the pledge to "follow the Savior, and thus become a shining light to all of the world." When I heard those words, I felt such great love and gratitude and wonder for the blessing that Heavenly Father has given us. He has trusted us, imperfect and weak and simple as we are, to not only have His light but to shine and share it. All He asks of us is to turn ourselves-our whole selves, good and bad- to the Savior. He asks us to be "examples of the believers" in all that we do and say, even when no one is watching. Then he not only helps us to shine light, but to help us shine His light, which the world so lost in darkness needs so badly. And there, in that dark room, I felt as if my heart was shining with the light and love of my Savior, and a determination rose within me to accept this pledge and live as an example so that I can be worthy to shine His light.  I want to ask each of you to accept that commitment to be His example so that we can receive His light and be able to shine for the world to come unto the Savior. There is no greater trust and love that the Lord can have for us than that: by coming to Him and giving Him all that we are, we can shine and guide others to the Love and Light of Life: Jesus Christ. I testify that this is true.


Sora Lunt

We asked Hannah about her city , companions, and the branch where she is.  These were her responses:  Sora Weaver has been out for ten and Sora Kitchen for three! Actually, there is one thing. There is a 16-year-old investigator named Claudia that we'd like to be able to introduce to Personal Progress!

I love it here! It is seriously so beautiful. There are so many churches, beautiful architecture, in the morning, you can see the sunrises turning the clouds a fiery pink.  The branch is amazing, we have about 12 members at sacrament, and there's a cool group from BYU up here helping out at the orphanages and hospitals!  It's fun being in a trio, we always have so much to talk about, stories to tell, and it's so fun in lessons because we can all help each other.  We can also help each other with Romanian, I'm definitely improving!  It's cool being so close to Moldova, I'm excited to go for Zone Conference!  Elder Chatterton is a lot like Elder Swafford, I think we have a great district and this will be a fun transfer!