November 9, 2015

Transfer Saste in Iasi frumoasa! (Transfer six in beautiful Iasi!)

Buna, dragi familia si prieteni! A new transfer has begun and I'm very excited! I will be staying in beautiful Iasi and I'll be getting a new companion, Sora Cutler! She's in her fourth transfer, which means that this is my first time being the senior companion! It'll be a new experience, but I'm very excited! I'll miss my dear companions Sora Weaver and Sora Kitchen so much, but I'll remember their examples and I know that they will do great things in Bucuresti! I am so excited to meet my new companion, I've heard great things about her and I can't wait to go and do!

I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time to chat today because Sora Weaver and Kitchen will leave tonight at 11 and we are going to spend tonight saying goodbye to all our friends but I want to share a cool story from this week:

 We had a wonderful lesson with one of our investigators, Natalia. She's begun to study the Book of Mormon and we went to the lesson with her planning to help her study. She mentioned that she wanted to study the scriptures (the Bible and the Book of Mormon), but she was so busy. She asked us what we do that helps us to have time to study. She listened intently as Sora Kitchen said that she made it a habit to put her scriptures by the side of her bed so she would remember always, Sora Weaver said that she remembered the Savior, and I said that I prayed for help to remember and that through each one of these things she could remember too. She said that in all that we said, that God helped us and blessed us for reading because of His love for us. She told us that growing up, she'd been taught that God was only really there to punish people. But she could never really believe that in her heart and she said that in our lessons, she could feel the Spirit and that God really did love her. I felt the Spirit so strongly and in my heart, said a silent prayer of gratitude for the Book of Mormon and that through "the pure love of Christ", Natalia could know that God did love her. After this lesson, I studied and pondered about what charity really is. After reading Mormon chapter 7 and a quote by President Monson "True charity is love in action", I realize all the more how incredible charity is, that God will give us this purest, strongest, truest love that could ever be felt, the love of Christ, and that we can share this with others.

There is a whole transfer ahead with new adventures ahead, new lessons I will learn. This will be a new experience and I know I will make mistakes and there will be times when I will be scared, but like in Relief Society lesson yesterday, when we ask the Lord what He wants for us, that is when the Spirit helps us to rise up and become more like Christ. I love the Lord, I love His work, and I can't wait for this next transfer!


Sora Lunt