November 30, 2015

Almost Halfway...Nu pot sa cred!!!! (I can't believe it!!!)

Buna, buna, buna, drag familia si prietene!! This has been without a doubt an exciting week with Thanksgiving, some unexpected adventures, Christmas season has started, and I'VE ALMOST HIT MY HALFWAY MARK!!  Asa ca am spus, nu pot sa cred!! (As I said, I can’t believe it!) 

What a week this was!  On Monday, (can't believe that was only a week ago) we got to visit two really cool monasteries!  We didn't really know where they were, but we found them, they were so old, all the history and the beautiful view made it an incredible experience!  Then English classes began on Tuesday, we had 40 people show up in our mediu (medium) class alone!  That was without a doubt my biggest class ever; we had to use every chair we had upstairs!  We're starting a second class on Tuesday at 6:30 and on Saturday too!  Oh, and a cool story I forgot to share last week, the Stoicas (Sora Stoica and her son and daughter are members, her husband is not,) were able to go to Bucharest for the Elder Ballard devotional!  And after, Fratele Stoica was able to speak with Elder Ballard and was told that if he was baptized and received the priesthood, he and his family would become stronger!  It was, to me, a miracle and a blessing that the Stoicas were able to go to Buch!

Then on Weds, we made pies with Sora Bair and the BYU girls for Thanksgiving the next day, and we had a lesson with Florentina and Mirela! (Florentina is a less-active, Mirela is not a member!) She was the one in the last picture I sent, she's super cool and just absorbing everything we teach her! We even got her to accept to be baptized one day! We couldn't set a date, but she came to church this Sunday!  We were so excited!  

Then Thursday was the big day, Sora Cutler and I spent all morning making mashed potatoes and rolls, then we helped get everything set up!  I have never seen so much food before!  Everyone had such a good time; this was a Thanksgiving I will never forget.  And not just because it was in another country, or because the food tasted amazing (although that did certainly help :)), but because it helped me to remember what true gratitude is. I was among so many people that I have come to love, people that have become so dear to me. I have been blessed in so many ways, every day becomes thanksgiving when you look around and see the Lord's hand all around you!

I can't believe I am writing this, but on Friday, I had an allergic reaction (my lips and eyelids were swollen) so I ended up having to go to the doctor and get an IV. I'm better now, but we were able to get one of the nurse's phone numbers and teach the other nurses a little, so it turned out good!  

And then on Sunday, we had three investigators (Mirela, Mericica, and Doina) come to church! 

Now that we have entered Christmas season, all the missionaries have begun a program called "Follow the Star, Follow Christ" where we study one attribute of Christ every week. I really have liked this, because it has helped me to look inward and outward, looking at all I can do with the Lord's help to help other people. This week was Diligence. Sora Cutler found a scripture I really liked: 2 Peter 2:10- "Wherefore bretheren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure, for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall." That is a promise that I hope to fulfill throughout my life, because the blessing of missionary work is that while you may not wear an official tag after you return, if you remember all that you learned and remain diligent in learning more every day and becoming better every day, you will never fall. I am so thankful for this special time of the year, when we celebrate the birth of the One who taught us all true diligence in the work of our Father in Heaven. I hope that if I am diligent, that I can shine His light like the star that guided those men to Christ.

Gotta go! Tonight we are celebrating three birthdays in our district (Sora Brown's, Sora Cutler's, and Elder Hellewell's)! 


Sora Lunt