December 7, 2015

A Nascut Un Salvatorul! (A Savior is Born!)

Buna, draga familia si prietene! Cracun este aproape, sunt forte entusiazmat! (Christmas is near, I'm so very excited!) You should see how beautiful it is here in Iasi, they turned all the lights on for Christmas and they put up a big Christmas tree in Centru!

This has been a great week, filled with blessings and important lessons that I am so thankful I got to see and learn! Christmas season has officially begun in Iasi, I sent a couple pictures of the lights in Centru!  The cute little girl is one of our investigator, Natalia's, daughter Anastasia when she tried on my winter gear! (She's a little mini missionary-so cute! :)) 

 So I'll start with the exciting events then go on the lessons learned:

 We were finally able to meet Claudia's family, at least her mother and younger brother! They are both as sweet and kind as Claudia! We're hoping that this Christmas season will give us the opportunity to meet with them and help become their friends. 

 We also met with Mericica and Doina and Doina said that she will be baptized when she feels that the Church is true! They came to church this Sunday, and our investigator Mirela also came back! I was so happy! Sora Cutler and I had been hoping she would!

 We also have started 30/30 lessons with two cute fifteen-year-old girls named Elena and Alexandra, our last lesson was about the importance of family and they both took copies of the Family Proclamation! 

 Sora Cutler and I also had two amazing experiences on Thursday. We decided that we were going to smile at everyone that we saw and one couple we smiled at stopped and said in English "It's so nice to see someone smiling!" That started a conversation where we learned that they were Jehovah's Witnesses missionaries from Italy and they had been to Utah before! They gave us their number and said they wanted to meet soon.  Later that night, we were walking down the road and a woman stopped us and asked us where we were from. We ended up talking with her and she told us that her mother had died years before. Sora Cutler, being the amazing, brave, spiritually strong missionary that she is, told her that we have special message and that one day, she will see her mother again. The look on Octavia's face was one I can never forget, gratitude for the blessings of the plan of salvation and eternal families sprang up in my heart.

This Sunday was fast and testimony meeting, so we got to hear the testimonies of most of the members. All during the sacrament, I felt the Spirit so strongly as I remembered all the blessings that I have seen come from fasting and from bearing my testimony and from the chance every Sunday to begin again and remember the Savior always. All this kept coming back to what we have been studying about in Follow the Star this week: Hope. Because of hope, we fast and bear our testimonies and partake of the sacrament each week and convenant that we will always remember our Savior. But not just because we have hope, but because He is our hope. Through the Savior, who came to this earth to "descend below all things" so that He could be our hope that we can make it through our pains and sins. There is a new film the Church put out called "A Nascut Un Salvator" (A Savior is Born) that we are going to be sharing and I'm super excited about that! Through the Savior's birth, we are able to give people like Octavia hope, that because a Savior was born and through a Father's love, we can all have hope of a future more beautiful than the brightest Christmas lights. 


Sora Lunt