May 11, 2015

**We got to talk to Hannah on Mother's Day.  She is doing so well and loves everything about her mission.  Thank you for your prayers in her behalf! ***

Buna!   Happy Mother's Day!

Oh, ce o saptamana minunata (what a wonderful week) this has been!  It's hard to believe that it's only been a week, so many wonderful things have happened!  We are officially moved our old apartment, on Monday, we went and got it checked and everything's great!  We also had dinner with a wonderful member named Carmen and her two adorable girls, Teo and Emma. Carmen is the Relief Society President, she's been a great example to me of reaching out and loving everybody.  

Then on Tuesday, we had a special experience with a less-active member named Elena.  She's a wonderful lady who is very friendly with us and the Church, but now attends a Catholic church.  She told us that she had some doubts about our belief in the Bible.  At that moment, I felt prompted to share with her a special experience I had my junior year (in Romanian, of course) :)-  In seminary, my teacher gave us a special challenge for that night: to pray to Heavenly Father and ask what He wanted to tell us, then open to a random scripture.  That night, I prayed that I would know what my Father in Heaven wanted to tell me personally, then I opened to 1 Thes. 2:20: "For ye are our glory and joy."  At that moment, I felt such overwhelming love that I had never before felt, almost as if I was being embraced.  I felt such joy and gratitude to my Heavenly Father, that He was telling me that He loved me, that I was His joy.  When I shared that experience with Elena, the Spirit was so strong.  She thanked me for sharing that and I felt such gratitude for my Heavenly Father for sending the Spirit to prompt me to share that.  Then later that day, after English class, we had an activity where we played volleyball and enjoyed banana bread that Sora Bair had made.  It was so much fun because all of us:  missionaries, members, and investigators were becoming friends. 

On Wednesday, we taught Corina, we read her favorite story about Christ, when He was washing the feet of the Apostles.  I also love that story because that is what we have been called to do as missionaries: serve with love. 

On Thursday, we visited the Nuti family, they were so excited because one of the daughters is planning on being married in Salt Lake! They feed us a delicious dinner: chicken with rice, turkey liver, eggplant, and a delicious soup a lot like Borscht. (The mother told us sometime she'll teach us how to make it!)

Then on Friday, we taught two investigators, Lidia and Raluca.  These are two such wonderful ladies, I am so glad we get to meet with them so often. 

On Saturday, after English class, it was our companionship's turn to give the Spiritual thought. I am so thankful for a wonderful companion like Sora Routson, she is so faithful and in tune with the Spirit.  We taught about the Atonement, how each of us have lost our way, but Christ is always there to lead us back to Heavenly Father.  I can say with all my heart that this is true:  Isus Hristos este calea. Toti suntem pe o cale inapoi Tatal Ceresc si din cand in cand pierdem calea.  Dar Tatal Ceresc ne iubeste toti si trimist Fiul Sa Isus Hristos ne ajuta.  Prin Ispasira si Invierea  Sa, putem ne intoarcem Tatal Ceresc. (Jesus Christ is the way. We are all on a path back to Heavenly Father and sometimes we get lost. But Heavenly Father loves us all nad sent His Son Jesus Christ to help us. Through His Atonement and Resurrection, we can return to Heavenly Father.) 

This week, I have been trying hard to live up to what has become my motto: In orice pas Credinta (In every step, faith).  I have learned so much through prayer and scripture study and this has strenghtened my faith so much.  If I am to have faith in the Lord, I must have faith in myself, because the Lord believes in me.  A quote by Elder M. Russell Ballard from the March 2015 Liahona: "Our generation is not without it's heroines. Countless women from every continent and walk of life have made dramatic contributions to the cause of Christ...My question is, will you be one of those women? And will you men who hold the priesthood answer the same call?"  All I want with all my heart is to answer with every fiber of my being:  "Yes! I will give everything that I was, am, and will be to the Lord.  I am the least of all, but I believe in Christ and I will stand with Him and do His work throughout eternity because I love Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost with all my heart and I KNOW THIS WORK IS TRUE. NOTHING will ever change that." 

I pray that the Lord will bless all of you and all my love!


Sora Lunt

The pictures are of the Market of Advice, me enjoying a soarma, the view from our old apartment window, me with Maria and Mimi (two of our investigators), Sora Robertson, Routson, and Bastidas, our old apartment, and our new apartment's view!