May 25, 2015


So much has happened this week, my second transfer is definitely off to a great start!

Well, I'll start off by telling you about transfers. They changed our area so now we only have two elders (Elder Sanchez and Elder Swafford, and four sisters. Elder Evans and Elder Cressman both left on Saturday, Elder Cressman is now in the East and Elder Evans is now an office Elder, which means that he is in Bucharest. They are both wonderful missionaries and I'm sad to see them go, but I know that they will continue to do wonderfully in their new areas and have the Lord's Spirit with them. Sora Robertson will be leaving to Oraba on Wednesday, I'll miss her as well, she has been a great friend and example to me, but I'm excited to meet Sora Bastidas's new trainee, Sora Elliot! 

This has been an amazing week filled with friends, funny stories, spiritual experiences, and lots of good food! I'll begin with Tuesday, since that's really where it all began. Since Elder Evans and Cressman left, Sora Routson and I are now going to be teaching the Advanced class and the children's class on another day. Tuesday, the sisters were in charge of the Family Home Evening activity after English, we played Minute to Win It (Doughnuts, Oreos, M&Ms, Cups, all those fun games) and since it was mostly kids who stayed, it got a little crazy, but we all had so much fun, Family Home Evening really does bring us all together as friends. 

On Wednesday, Sora Routson and I went contacting in the park near our apartment, it was a beautiful evening and we've found that when it's warm and lovely like that, it's the best time to go out contacting because a lot of people are there with their families. I'm getting a lot better at contacting thanks to Sora Routson and the Spirit, every time someone takes a card, I feel like jumping for joy! But a funny story that happened later that day, we were eating ice cream cones on a bench and talking, when an older woman walked by. I smiled at her and she stopped and asked, "Do I know you from the hospital?" Sora Routson afterwards was laughing like crazy, I told her I hoped that she was a nurse and that I was a patient, not that she was crazy and thought I was crazy too. :) But Sora Routson and I have been practicing teaching the Restoration, I love teaching about this because this is the first thing we teach investigtors, that they understand why the Church of Jesus Christ was restored through Joseph Smith and how they can know it's true for themselves. 

On Thursday, we had district meeting, we spent the majority of the meeting discussing the barbaque on Saturday and how we could make sure that it was the best experience it could be. We ordered pizza as we and the other surori worked on the decorations for the dinner, Sora Routson and I had to leave early though, because we had lessons with a woman named Maria. She's a very talented woman, actually the same age as me, from Germany, but came to college in Brasov to learn music, she plays the piano and flute, and she is an amazing singer! She speaks English very well, we were able to talk with her about the Book of Mormon and we gave her one of the little English copies that the Rynearsons gave me! Multumesc forte mult, the Book of Mormon is a gift I love to share with others. Friday was a busy day, which is wonderful. I have created a little saying "Today is a great day to be a missionary!" I decided I'm going to say that every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. That might seem like a silly little thing, but it has helped me to remember that when I stay postive and trust in the Lord and the Spirit, every day can be a great day to be the Lord's disciple. 

On Friday, we began with a lesson with Lidia, she fed us a wonderful meal of rice and milk with strawberries, and we sang a hymn with her, "We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet." She is a wonderful woman, I am really thankful that I know her. Then the Bairs drove us about forty-five minutes up to visit a less-active member Kinga and her nonmember mother. Kinga is about our age, she and her mother are so kind and immediately they loved us and treated us as if we were their old friends. Sora Bair asked about her baptism, and she told us that she was baptized while she was in England, but gradually became inactive. Elder Bair offered to take them to church this Sunday, and they accepted! I hope that as they continue to come to church, they will be reminded of our love for them and the great love of their Savior for them. That evening, we had a lesson with Carmen and her daughter Teo (Emma was at her grandfather's.) I shared my favorite scripture with them: 3 Nephi 9:13-14 with them and why l love it so much: because no matter how many times we fall, the Savior will never stop reaching out to us, he loves us more than we can comphrend, and if we come to Him, He promised He will receive us, heal and bless us. 

Now I'll tell about Saturday. Sora Routson and I had the Spiritual thought, we talked about Duhul Sfant (The Holy Ghost). Sora Routson told what the Holy Ghost was and His role as our Guide and Teacher from God. I share a scripture, John 14: 26, and said: "Un exemplu Duhului Sfant in viata mea este cand ma rog inainte eu citesc spriturile, ma rog ca Dumnezeu ma ajuta sa simt Duhul Sfant ca sa invat ce Dumnezeu vrea pentru mine sa stiu dupa am rugat, am citit si am simtit Duhul Sfant in inima mea. Atunci, am simtit pace si fericire si dragoste lui Dumnezeu si eu stiu ca scripturile este adeverat." (An example of the Holy Ghost in my life is when I pray before I read my scriptures. I ask God to help me feel what He wants for me and I know that after I pray I feel the Holy Ghost in my heart. Then I feel peace and happiness and the love of God and I know that the scriptures are true.) When I said these words, I could feel the Holy Ghost, a warm peaceful love that made me so grateful to my Father in Heaven for this gift. After English, we set up for the barbacue, the bunting (the decorations we hung on the trees, the food( shredded pork sandwiches, Levy, the second counselor, also barbacued mish, which is like a delicious sausage, potatoes, Sora Routson and I brought a fruit salad, all kinds of chips and drinks, and Carmen's delicious strawberry cake. We all had a wonderful time talking with members, less actives, investigators and English students, Sora Bastida and I taught line dancing, it was so much fun!  Afterwards we played basketball and volleyball. But the best part was hearing from the Bairs that we had over 60 people come! That, to me, was a miracle, which show that when you do your part with everything you have, the Lord will bless us more than we could ever imagine. When we work hard and love others and be their friends, we are sharing the love of God, which brings them closer to Christ. There is no greater feeling than this, that is what makes today and everyday a great day to be a missionary!


Sora Lunt

I'm sorry, I know I send really long emails, but I just want you to know how much I love this beautiful country and the amazing people here.

Some pictures of our Minute to Win It FHE (the kids loved Donut on a String the best :)), our district, the Black Church, Emma eating a roll, everyone enjoying the barbacue, all the kids at the BBQ, and me, the sisters, and some of our English students!