June 29, 2015

Last week of training!

Buna ziua!

Wow, it's hard to believe that this is my last week of being trained! These 12 weeks have been so amazing! I am truly blessed by the Lord to have been blessed with a wonderful, confident, funny, spiritual trainer like Sora Susan Routson! The Transfer board comes out on Saturday, where I'll find out if I'm staying in Brasov or leaving. If I do go, I'll be sad because I love this beautiful city and the wonderful people here with all my heart, but the Lord knows what's best for all of us. Sora Bastidas is going home next transfer, I'll miss her, she's so positive and hardworking, but I know she'll do great in her next adventures!

This has been a truly marvelous week. To begin, Sora Routson's cousin got permission to come to Brasov before he went home! Sora Routson was thrilled and we all had a marvelous time hiking Tempa, exploring Centru, and going to Dracula's castle in Braun! Tuesday, we had two lessons with less-actives, Elena Braga and Sora Moldovan and Mia. With Elena, we gave her a scripture, Alma 37 .6, "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.'' I can testify that that scripture is true, the Lord will do extraordinary things in ordinary places and people, all that is required is faith in Him and action. With Sora Moldovan and Mia, the elders came with us to give Mia a blessing since she's been having trouble with her hip. It was such a beautiful experience, the Spirit was so strong. After the blesssing, Mia said a prayer to thank Heavenly Father for the blessing and for the missionaries. To me, this was a wonderful reminder that we should never forget to be thankful to our Heavenly Father. We all owe Him so much, we never run out of things to be thankful for. I have been working really hard on always showing gratitude, especially to Heavenly Father, and it truly makes everyone happier and more spiritual.                                                                                                                             Wednesday was Zone Conference in Ploiesti, I am so thankful for President and Sora Ivory, I know that the Lord has called them here. They talked about remaining steadfast in all that we do, and to never waver in our commitment to the Lord and in finding the one every day. It could be an investigator, less active, member, companion, even ourselves. But when you lose yourself in the search for the one, you often find yourself becoming more like Christ. He loves us all one by one, He has told us to become the same, "If ye love me, keep my commandments.'' ''What manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am." and we do that through loving one by one.

Saturday was our Meet the Mormons showing! The first one was right after our English class, and many of our English students stayed. I saw the film twice before, but watching it in Romanian made me realize that these were ordinary people who were made extraordinary because they hoped to become like Christ, and they acted by helping others as well. That's what I want for myself and all those around me. I've been reading in the New Testament this week and now I'm in John 21, where the Savior is asking Peter, "Simon, lovest thou me more than these?" Peter answers, "Yea, Lord, thou knowest that I love thee." Christ answers, "Feed my sheep." My hope is that all of us can answer as Peter did, that we love the Lord above anything else, and that we are willing to find and feed His sheep with His love. With every feeling in my heart, I want to say, "Yes Lord, I love thee more than anything that this world, and I will find and feed Thy sheep here in Romania and Moldova and throughout my whole life until all within my reach can feel of thy love, until we have all become like Thee."


Sora Lunt