July 13, 2015

 Iubesc Brasov! (I love Brasov!)

This has been a crazy week! (In a good way of course!)  It was really hard saying goodbye to Sora Bastidas, Elder Sanchez, and especially to Sora Routson, but I know that they will do great in all their other adventures! And for me, this week has definetely been an adventure! Since Sora Bastidas and Sora Routson had to go down to Bucuresti together, Sora Elliott and I were companions for a couple days! We had a great time getting my Visa, printing and putting up English posters, and contacting with English cards in Coresi mall! I loved getting to know this wonderful sister better,  I'm excited to work with her this transfer.

And Miecoli noapte (Wednesday night), I met Sora Quist (Sora Elliot's new companion) and my incredible new companion, Sora Catherine Dupont!  She is seriously one of the kindest, most optimistic, most Christlike people I have ever met, I've already learned so much from her in these last couple days, for example, she's been letting me take the lead in scheduling with people.  I was a little nervous at first, and I did take the wrong bus a couple times, but I am improving with the language and I feel that I do know my way around better than I thought! Sora Dupont is from Quebec, Canada, her native language is French, and she is the youngest in her family, her parents were converted to the gospel in her small village of 600 people.  She is a born missionary and I thank the Lord every day that I am so blessed to work with this wonderful sister!  I'm excited to work with Elder Brown and Sora Quist as well!

We've had a great couple days, and I would like to share some highlights from this week. First, we had a crazy experience on Friday. Sora Dupont was transferred from Irad, and the day after she left, a girl named Lunaire from Paris came to learn more about the gospel. She only speaks French, so she was able to have a Skype lesson with Sora Dupont!  I could only understand a couple things they said, but the Spirit was very strong as Sora Dupont answered all Lunaire's questions about the Restoration.  Sora Dupont told Lunaire, and I completely agree, that it was no coincedence that she wanted to find the Church and she was able to find someone who could teach her in French.  Earlier that day, when I was reading the Book of Mormon, I found Alma 33:11, 23. Alma was teaching the Zoramites about how the Lord will hear us, not only in our afflictions, but always if we will call on Him, and He waid "and ye may do this if ye will."  Lunaire's prayer to know the truth about God was answered, I'm excited that we will be able to help her see that!

Another great experience from Saturday and yesterday:    President Ivory wants us to become the greatest Restoration teachers on the planet and we talked about the Restoration with Kinga.  I felt as though the Spirit was helping me to say all that I wanted, and I felt in my heart these things I had learned about my whole life and was now teaching was true.  The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly what makes our church not only unique, but I know that it's what makes it true.  The Savior did organize His Church upon the Earth, and though it was taken away for a time, through a humble boy's humble prayer, it was restored.  I love this Gospel with all my heart.   

And yesterday, I accidently took a wrong bus that took us in the opposite direction we wanted to go.   I felt horrible that now we would have to take a taxi all the way back.  But we were helped by a kind girl named Alexandria and when we arrived at our hotel, Sora Dupont gave our driver an English card.  He thanked us and told us he's been wanting to learn English for a long time, but couldn't.  I learned that we may think that we are failing and falling short sometimes, but if we are trying to do what we are supposed to, the Lord will pick us up and give us opportunities we might not otherwise have.  I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father and Savior, who gives imperfect people a chance to become not only better but like them through this glorious gospel.


Sora Lunt