July 20, 2015

Saptemana Trei in Transfer Trei!

Buna! Well, this marks the beginning of my third week in my third transfer, just like the subject line says! It's hard to believe that we're halfway through already, it's been great!

 I have had many wonderful experiences this week. But I'd like to begin by talking about Kinga, who was just called to serve in the Primary! She has always wanted to be a teacher, so she was thrilled. Her faith and willingness to work has been such an example to me. Also, Gheorge's son Mihai's baptism is this Saturday! Sora Dupont and I are in charge of the refreshments, it will be a wonderful experience! I hope that in one year the whole family will be able to go and be sealed in the temple! Church was a wonderful experience this Sunday, everyone was so happy and President and Sora Ivory came and brought some of their friends from America! I still marvel at how I've only known my branch, my mission president, and my district for a few months, yet I feel such overwhelming love for them. There's no other explanation except that the Lord will put His love for His children in our hearts when we desire to love with His love. 

 Some really cool experience that happened this week. We had two lessons with Lunaire, the girl from France, this week. She is truly amazing, she has so many sincere questions, and I can actually understand a bit of what she and Sora Dupont are saying! Sora Dupont translated my testimony to her, and the elders in Arad told us that she attended church with her sister! To me, her coming to Romania is a miracle. 


On Friday, Sora Dupont and I were out looking for a less-active on our list when we felt that we should take a certain bus. Then once we boarded, I felt that I should give an English card to the lady sitting across from us. We ended up having a wonderful conversation with Ioana and we got her phone number! Then later that week, when we were out chalk contating (advertising for English class by writing on the sidewalks in chalk) a young woman named Taylor from America came to talk to us. She is amazing, she is helping out at the orphanages here and believes that God has sent her to Romania for a purpose. When she said that, I felt that I should give her a card with my name and number on it. I was a little nervous, but something that Sora Dupont and President Ivory has helped me to realize, when you're doing what you're supposed to, you're never taking a risk.

 I've learned a lot this week thanks to Sora Dupont, the biggest about having faith in yourself. Trusting in yourself is tied to having trust in the Lord. He always believes in you, even when it seems that everything you're doing is going wrong. But I can say that just as President Monson said, "whoever God calls, He qualifies." I will never stop being thankful for a loving Heavenly Father and a Savior who created a plan where we could learn and be tried and become "more than conquerers through Him that loves us". I hope and pray that all of us will remember that we are never through learning to believe in ourselves, because our faith in "Him that loves us" will grow even stronger alongside.


 Sora Lunt

 Some pictures of Mihai's birthday party and the beauty of Romania!