July 27, 2015

Miracles, Sunshine, and lots of cookies!

Buna!  Uau!  Forte mult am fost acest sapteman si a fost minunata!  (A lot happened this week and it was wonderful!)

So much has happened this week, I don't even know where to begin!  In fact, Monday evening, when Sora Dupont and I were walking to the bus stop handing out cards, we met a woman who took the lessons 17 years ago and wants us to come teach her sons!  Then this Monday, as we were on our way into Centru, Sora Dupont felt we should take a certain bus, even though I was pretty sure it would not take us to Centru.  But it did take us exactly where the Lord wanted us to be, because the man standing next to me saw our name tags and asked us about our Church and then I gave him a Mormon.org card with our number and the church's address on the back.  To me, this was a miracle that taught me the importance of listening to the Spirit, and how the Lord really does help us find one by one.  I am so blessed to have a companion who listens and helps me to be worthy of the Spirit so the Lord can bless us with miracles.  She has help me to realize "there are many ways we can light a fire in someone" and "God isn't proud of us when we are perfect, but when we are progressing towards perfection."

We also had a really cool experience with Elena last Tuesday.  We felt that we should sing a hymn with her "Unde găses pace?" (Where can I turn for peace) and look up the scriptures at the bottom of the page.  When we talked with her, she told us that she had been having a really hard week and she was amazed that we knew exactly what she needed.  There is no greater witness to me that God knows us all individually, and when we listen and speak through the Spirit, they receive what they need.

It's been a warm, sunny, beautiful week, and I've gotten a bit tanner!  That also could be from working at the stove so much,  Sora Dupont and I made a ton of batches of No Bake cookies for Home Evening and for Zone Conference and everyone liked them, thanks for the recipe Mom!  We also made an apple cake and brownies for Mihai's baptism, it was such a special experience, the Spirit was so strong. Baptism truly is the gate that gets us on the path Christ gave us back to Heavenly Father.  Another highlight was Zone Conference on the 24th, we got to hear from President and Sora Ivory, and from Brother Randall Ridd,(former YM counselor) and his wife!  They spoke about the importance of being bold in bearing our testimony about the gospel and the importance of the Restoration.  But what really struck me the most was when Elder Ridd spoke about having the creative courage to come up with solutions to problems.  So many times, I have gone to the Lord and asked him to solve the problem.  But Brother Ridd taught me that after I do all I can, then the Lord will help me the rest of the way.  I decided then and there that I would do everything I could to be bold and come up with solutions through the strength of the Lord.

I'd like to close with a short thought about Christlike love.  I know I have spoken a lot about the love of God, but it such a big part of all we do, in fact, it's everything that we do.  I found some scriptures in Isaiah 43:1-5 about God's love and this week, we shared with our English class about the greatest act of love:   the Atonement.  With this great evidence of the love our Heavenly Father and Savior have for us, suddenly, sharing isn't so hard, in fact, I'm finding that I can say with great joy in my heart (and I hope we all can):

Si dupa cum ma iubesti Tu, (And after how you love me)

Peal meu fratel voi iubi. (My brother I will love)

Imi esti farul si puterea (You are my light and strength)

Slujitorul Tau voi fi (Your servant I will be)

Ii voi iubi pe-al meu frate (I will love my brother)

Doamne, Te voi urma. (Lord, I will follow thee)


Sora Lunt