July 5, 2015

Third Transfers!

Buna ziua! This Wednesday officially marks my 3rd transfer! I can't believe that I'm done with my training, these last 12 weeks have just flown by! I've learned and grown so much, I have witnessed many miracles and my testimony has grown. I'll talk more about that in just a minute.

This has been an incredible week, beginning with that it marks the end of my training. Transfer boards came out on Friday: I'm staying in Brasov with Elder Swafford and Sora Elliot, Sora Bastidas is going home, Elder and Sora Bair are in charge of both Brasov and Cibiu, and Elder Sanchez and Sora Routson are going to Bucharest! This gives me a bittersweet feeling, because I love our district so much and I have been so blessed to have the best trainer in the world, Sora Routson truly is an example to me of confidence in our missionary calling and love for the Lord and life in general! I will miss her, but I know the Lord has called her and Elder Sanchez to serve there, and He will watch over them. I will miss Elder Sanchez and Sora Bastidas as well, but they're off to greater things I'm sure! I'm so excited to do more work here in Brasov and I can't wait to meet Elder Brown, Sora Quist, and my new companion, Sora Dupont on Wednesday!

This has been an amazing week filled with many miracles I have been so blessed by the Lord to witness. I did hear about President Packer passing away on Saturday, and I will miss him. But I know that just like Elder Perry, He was a true apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through his testimony, I have myself been strengthened and I am so thankful to him and to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for calling prophets and apostles to be true seers and revelators. What I will remember the most about him is his witness of the Savior. In May 2013, He shared a poem He wrote over the years, one that brought the Spirit to my heart as I listened: "I know I will see [my Savior] at the end of my life's story. I'll kneel before His wounded feet. I'll feel His Spirit glow. My quivering, whispering voice will say, "My Lord, my God, I know." He did know, I testify that He was a true apostle of the Lord.

I would like to share two highlights from this week. Saturday was our last day of English this transfer, and also the day of our 4th of July barbaque. Since it was our last English class for a week, we decided that for our spiritual thought, we were going to sing hymns. We chose "I Stand all Amazed", "Abide with me, tis Eventide," Sora Bastidas and Elder Sanchez sang "Copil al Domnului"(I am a Child of God), "I Need Thee every Hour", and two of my favorite songs, "This is the Christ" and "Lead, Kindly Light." I have gained a special love for these hymns on my mission, when you ponder the words and their meaning, and try to help others to understand and appreciate, the Spirit can help you do amazing things. At four, Gheorge, the nonmember husband of member Violetta and their two sons was baptized! I was so happy for their family, they have grown so close because of the gospel, I hope and pray that they will be able to be sealed in the temple. We had over 70 people attend the baptism and stay for the BBQ! We had such a fun time playing games, eating the delicious food, and enjoying the company of all who came, even when it rained hard for about ten minutes, helping people by serving the food and talking with them made me so happy, to just let them know that we are their friends.

On Sunday, we had a truly wonderful miracle. Kinga, when we called to meet with her this week, had experienced a hard loss and was deeply discouraged and devastated, we were afraid that she was going to stop coming to church. We decided that we would fast for her this week, that the Spirit would give her the comfort and peace she needed to endure this trial. We also fasted that Denisa (an investigator) would come to church. We prayed so much for Kinga and Denisa, that even if the effects weren't immediate, the Lord would work in His own way and time. On Sunday, when we arrived at church, Kinga was there! She was so happy to see us, a complete change from earlier that week. Denisa also came to sacrament meeting and bore her testimony! To me, this was a miracle that I have thanked the Lord again and again that I could witness. I have gained a stronger testimony of the power of fasting and prayer, and that when we ask in faith, the Lord will answer. I am so thankful that the Lord works in His own time and way, because He knows and wants what's best for all of us, of this I can testify like President Packer, "My Lord, My God, I know."


Sora Lunt

My exchange with Sora Bastidas and an investigator, Lilliana, she's way cool!

 Me at Tempa with Anna Crooksten, she's the oldest in the family, they're visiting for a year, the father was one of the first missionaries in Romania, they're amazing!

Me at Tempa with Anna Crooksten, she's the oldest in the family, they're visiting for a year, the father was one of the first missionaries in Romania, they're amazing!

Probably one of our last district pictures!