August 10, 2015

Saptemana Ultima in Transfer Trei!!! (Last week of transfer 3)

Buna! Salut! Uau, uau, uau! (Hello!  Wow!)  Older missionaries told me that the mission goes fast, but this is my last week in my third transfer! We find out on Saturday who is going and who is staying, so I might be leaving Brasov! It really gives me a bittersweet feeling when I think about it, I have spent four months in this beautiful city and I love everything about it: the beauty of the mountains and the architecture, finally knowing my way around :),  our district, (especially Sora Dupont, she is truly a spiritual giant, she has taught me so much about love for other people and ourselves and how it gives us the Spirit and courage), all the amazing people (membrii, membrii mai putin activ, and simpatizanti – members, less active members, and investigators) and the love I feel so much from them and whom I have come to love, and all the lessons I have learned through the love, peace, guidance, and correction of the Spirit of the Lord. But every time I find myself getting sad, I remember how much the Lord loves all of His children. I want to do His will, whatever that may be, and wherever He wants me to accomplish it, I know that it will help me and others come closer to Him.

Dar primul, vreau sa vorbesc multumesc pentru familia mea!  (But first, I want to tell thank you for my family) I've had the opportunity this week in a lesson with Larisa to bear testimony about eternal marriage and families and the example that my own family has set for me. I told her that my family has been an example to me in every way about love for Christ and the commandments and covenants we make that will bind us together as a family for eternity. My greatest dream is to know that I did all I could to help my family now and in the future to be with Heavenly Father forever.

Just a side note, I won't be able to email on Monday because of the Zone Conference, but I will on Wednesday!

There have been so many wonderful things that have happened this week, I'll begin with an amazing lesson we had on Marti (tues). We were able to set up a meeting with the couple we meet contacting in the park, Vasile and Elena. We were able to get to know them more, they're Orthodox, but they are open to other religions. We were able to talk to them about our purpose as missionaries and we asked them if we could teach them about what we believe and they said yes!  We were both so excited and thankful for the knowledge that the Lord truly does lead us to those with real intent when we do our part. We also came up with a lot of creative contacting ideas that combine our love for writing with the gospel teachings. We want to try one new method of contacting a week so we can see what works best, I'm really excited about that!

We also got to meet with Kinga and help her prepare for her lesson with the Primary, it's amazing to see how much the Gospel has blessed her and helped her progress, she's so happy and desires to share it, especially with her family, she even called her father, whom she hasn't spoken to in many years! She's such an example of the difference between listening and living the gospel. We also had the chance to meet with Larisa and share with her the importance of eternal families. In a society where marriage and families are being attacked more and more, I am proud to be a member of a family and a church that will defend the eternal covenants and commandments given by the Lord to the end. We've had some crazy changes in the last couple of days, due to an emergency transfer, we now have two new elders in Brasov, Elder Brown  and Elder Erickson!  And the Bairs are moving to Cibiu! I'm really going to miss them, but I know that the Cibiu branch will be greatly blessed to have such a hardworking, spiritual couple come to them.

I have learned many lessons this week, and from Sora Dupont, one of the biggest is that being courageous is actually being humble. Courage in the gospel is not the same as having pride or being arrogant, not if we have the courage of the Lord. It's recognizing your strength and value as a child of God and the value of this gospel. It's loving yourself, others, and the Lord with the love that Christ had, He never was afraid to share and neither should we. Yes, there is much turmoil and hardships in this life, but I hope that we can take as much comfort from this promise from the Lord in D&C 101:36 as I did:

Wherefore, fear not even unto death; for in this world your joy is not full, but in me your joy is full.


Sora Lunt

Some pictures of today (Sora Dupont and Sora Elliots' birthday and their birthday wish:  a trip to beautiful Poiana!)