August 3, 2015

Tomorrow.. Five months of miracles in Romania!

Buna! Just think... maine, voi fie o misonara in Romania pentru cinci luni!!! (Tomorrow, I'll be a missionary in Romania for five months!!!) That's amazing, three transfers in this beautiful branch in this beautiful city! We've had some amazing experiences this week and I can't wait to share them with you!

Before I continue with all the amazing things that happened this week, something I would like to say:  Yesterday, Sora Dupont and I were writing in our planners about what we wanted to teach this week, and I forgot how to spell a couple English! She laughed and told me that's how you know you're learning the language, when you forget how to say and spell words in your native language. 

But anyway, this has been an amazing week filled with miracles! I'm not even sure where to begin, but I think I'll start with a contacting story. Sora Dupont and I decided to go try and find some less-actives on our list, but when our bus reached the stop where we should have gotten off, I thought that taking it to the next stop would take us closer. It ended up taking us much, much farther. But Sora Dupont being the sweet, patient, optimistic, spiritual sister that she is, suggested that while we were here, we should do some English contacting in the park. The first people we gave cards to was a couple on a bench, Elena and Vasile. When they found out Sora Dupont was from Quebec, they were so excited because their only son is teaching art at a university there. They were so kind and sweet, they gave us their number and told us they wanted to meet with us next week! To me, this was a lesson that the Lord continues to bless those who have trust in the Spirit. That was also evident at the baptism this week for our branch president's wife's little sister, Andrea. She is fourteen, and the sweetest girl ever. All the sora missionaries had the chance to sing a special musical number at her baptism, and as I looked out and saw her smiling and all dressed in white, the Spirit was so strong. She's going back to Bucuresti this week, I'm going to miss her, but I know she will be blessed for her decision to follow Jesus Christ's example.

 One more amazing story this morning, when the two of us were out shopping for our groceries, I let a family go in front of us at the register. They saw our name tags and asked what church we were missionaries for. We had a great conversation and after they gave us their email, the young mom told us "God bless you!" In my mind, I replied, "Oh, He does, He really, truly does." There is still so much I need to work on, still so many imperfections I need to overcome, but I'm beginning to understand that it's not something to dread, it's something to be excited about. "If God be with us who can prevail against us?"  I can testify that miracles come not from our successes alone, but from our willingness to keep trying.


Sora Lunt