August 31, 2015

The Most Miraculous Mission Week!

Buna, Buna, Buna! This has been the most incredible week ever, Sora Draper and I have seen miracles and blessings so great, I don’t know if I can write them all!  I feel that anything I write cannot fully describe the gratitude and joy that I feel and that His words deserve, they are simply too marvelous.  But I will try, and please forgive me if I sound prideful, I have been truly humbled through these experiences and I feel like Ammon did in Alma 26 when He wanted to boast of the Lord and sing praises to Him.

I pray that the Spirit will be able to give me what I need to write about all the miracles and blessings I witnessed this week with members, less-actives, potential investigators, our district, companionship, and me.  First off, our branch is very excited about the Book of Mormon challenge, they are certain it will help to strengthen all of their testimonies and the Lord has already blessed our branch so greatly:  in our branch of 40, four less-actives who hadn’t come for many weeks came for sacrament!  Sora Draper and I have been studying every day, and I can bear testimony that the Lord will always help us find what we need through the Spirit, every time we read.  I feel that we can find out just how much the heroes of the Book of Mormons are like we can be when we seek the Lords will. I have definitely seen that this week, so many tender mercies from the Lord, so many lessons I’ve learned that have brought me closer to Him.  I supposed the best place to begin is when Sora Draper and I went to contact in the park on Wednesday. We stopped to rest for a moment on the park bench, looking out at the little lake and trees and just feel Gods love so strongly. He knew we were there and He was proud of us, I could feel the Spirit telling us that. But that was only the beginning. 

 On Thursday, we were going to our apartment building and a man held the door open for us.  We thanked him and he answered in English.  This began a conversation and it ended with us getting the number of this kind gentleman, Stefan.  The amazing thing is, both Sora Draper and I had felt to return to our apartment and she felt to start a conversation.  Then later that evening, as our district was returning home from contacting, a lady called to us from her yard.  We visited her twice already, and have developed a wonderful friendship with Georgiana and her son Paul. 

 The next day, we went contacting in the park (it’s the perfect place to contact, so many people! :)) and I felt prompted to give an English card to a young woman jogging by. She came back and we had a great conversation with Roxana, she’s sincere and thoughtful.  Then, later, a man came up to us out of nowhere with a lot of religious questions, and both Sora Draper and I could feel the Spirit giving us exactly what we needed to say.  The Gift of Tongues is real, we simply speak the Spirit and He gives it in their language.  We gave Him a Book of Mormon, with the promise that He would find all the answers He needed if He read with a heart open to God.

  On Saturday, we went to find a less-active who wasn’t home.  Sora Draper felt prompted to go knock on doors in the block next door, we were led to the very top floor, to a woman named Dana who wants to meet with us again because she believes that God lead us to her. 

 Then on Sunday, we had given out many English cards contacting and had many wonderful conversations, but we felt prompted that we needed to speak one more time to two women on a bench.  They saw our name tags, and asked about our religion, they accepted copies of the Book of Mormon and requested that we teach them more about the gospel this week. 

I’m sorry, I know that this is a lot of information to take in, but after those two women left, Sora Draper and I just sat in silence for several minutes, filled with shock and gratitude and joy as the memories of all that had happened this week filled our minds. The Lord had blessed us with miracles so great, I still don’t know how to write them with what they deserve to be written.  I couldn’t and in many ways, still can’t understand how we deserve such marvelous blessings, please forgive me if it seems that I am boasting. I feel that all I can do is bear my testimony:

God is a God of miracles.  He is our Father and He loves us all. He is mindful of us as a whole and individually.  These miracles have left Sora Draper and I completely speechless-in awe as to how we deserve these great blessings from the Lord, one day after another.  My amazing, spiritually in tune companion told me that she feels that we are being blessed more for being more courageous.  After thinking about this for a minute, I asked her what she thought the definition of courage is.  Her answer touched my heart so deeply:  that it doesn't mean not being afraid, but simply deciding that what God tells us through the Spirit is more important than what we want.  When she said this, I felt the Spirit so strongly.  I don’t know how I can explain all of this except to simply testify that God loves us all.  There is no other way to explain what we have been given this week, except that there is a loving Father in Heaven who loves all of His children so deeply that He has blessed two imperfect but trying sister missionaries in Romania, and by doing so, He has helped them help others.  I love the Lord with all my heart and until the end of my life, I will never stop thanking Him for this week where I learned that I can truly do anything through the love and courage of Christ. I hope that I didn’t sound prideful in my letter.  All I want is to do the Lords will, but I am so imperfect. Like Nephi in the scriptures, I sometimes feel so inadequate, but I trust in the Lord. This week has helped me to understand that when I say with all of my heart that I want His will in all things, then the Spirit gives us what we need and so, so much more.  I still don’t understand everything, not even such great love to grant blessings like an amazing companion, amazing people, and the Spirit to guide, but I can truly say with all my heart like in my favorite hymn, Lead, Kindly Light, He will lead me step by step when I seek Him, to have the courage and love to bear a simple testimony or simply to say what He wants me to.  I love the Lord, I love His gospel. NOTHING can change the fact that I know that it is true. Heavenly Father is here for me and through His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, He is bringing me closer to Him, step by step.  I will be brave enough to simply, yet with all my heart, do His will and follow His Spirit wherever it may lead, because I do know that the light of the Gospel will lead me and those the Lord will bless me to help until the night is gone. 

 I am a disciple and a representative of Jesus Christ. I  love Him and will never stop thanking Him for this blessing and I will serve Him as long as I live.


Sora Lunt