September 21, 2015

Sa citim impreuna, să nu perseverăm noi într-o cauză aşa măreaţă?

Buna! Uau, ce o septamana acest a fost! What a week this was! I can hardly believe that transfers come out this Saturday, these last six weeks have flown by! Voi fiu in transfer cinci! (I'll be in my fifth transfer!!!) Sorry that my email title was so long I couldn't translate it but it means: "We read together, for shall we not go on in so great a cause?" 

 Dar mai mult in timp, primul vreau sa spune multumesc! (But more of that in time, first I want to say thanks!)

La cel mai bun familia pe pamant: VA IUBESC! Oh, how I love you all! When I heard that you got my package, AND got to meet Andrei and Khemia and might meet his family, I was thrilled beyond words! You are truly my greatest gift, the reason the Lord has had his Prophet and Apostles speak so much about families is, I believe, so that we will never forget to thank Heavenly Father for the treasure that family is.

 Well, this has been a marvelous week! Sora Draper and I have had such a great time exploring the city, we had a fun exchange with the Brasov sisters, and we had Zone training on Wednesday! I am so thankful for President and Sora Ivory, they have been examples to me of humility and loving the gospel and spreading it with joy and courage. They taught me a lot about giving your best, because it's always enough if you do the Lord's will. We got a call from an old investigator that no one has heard from in the longest time, Oana, and we are giving her 30/30's (half English lessons, half Gospel lessons) five days a week! We've taught her about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, families, the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith already! And Constanta, an investigator who's been attending church for a year, but doesn't believe that the Book of Mormon is true, agreed to accept the challenge! We also had two new english students on Saturday: Livima and Adriana, we are going to do individual lessons with Livima! 

 All these blessings, I believe, are coming in part because we accepted the Lord's will by accepting the Book of Mormon challenge. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and I will never stop thanking Him for another testament that through Jesus Christ, we have the words of His servants and a chance to come and become like His Son. The other reason is because we are doing our best to move the work forward with Him. The Holy Ghost is truly wonderful, I never want to be without it because it is the power, strength, courage and love of our Father in Heaven that enables us to not only teach about our Savior and the restored gospel, but to do it joyfully, knowing that even when we fall short, we can try again and become better, like He is. Thank you for what you said about sharing the gospel joyfully, I am learning that the difference of simply sharing the gospel and sharing it with happiness is that the Lord will guide us through the Spirit. Our testimonies will become more powerful, our discerning will increase, and we will be filled with a greater love for the people and the message that we know will bless their lives. 

 On Wednesday, for our home evening, we watched the Joseph Smith movie, and at the end, Joseph spoke a line that touched my heart: "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?" All at once, I remembered a scripture that had given me courage and hope when I most needed it as a young teenager: D&C 128:22. I remember telling my mom what I believed that it meant: "The Church is the greatest work on the whole earth. It will always be moving forward, so we must move along with it!" I still believe that with all my heart: we are a part of the greatest work on the earth. The adversary will always be against us, but the Lord will help us to move forward, if we have the faith in Him to continue. This truly makes my heart glad, to be here to share the news that we can and will win the victory so that others may feel this joy. "Shall we not go on in so great a cause? Go forward and not backwards. Courage bretheren and on, on to the victory! Let your hearts rejoice and be exceeding glad."


Sora Lunt