January 4, 2016

Transfer Seven! Bine ati venti la Bacau! (Happy New Year! Welcome to Bacau!)

Buna draga familia si prietene mele! (Hello, my dear family and friends!)

La multi ani! (In Romania, you can say this for birthdays and for holidays). I hope that everyone had a Happy New Year! 2016 is going to be the greatest! I have only been in Bacau for a few days, but I love it already!  (Bacau - pronounced Bach like the musician and au like "oh :)) 

So, I'll tell you a little bit about Bacau. It's about three hours away from Iasi and it's a smaller city. It's pretty and we finally got a little snow this week! It's really cold, but I love this place! There are some pretty churches and parks and you can reach just about everything ( the church, the grocery store, Gigis a really good covrigi shop) by walking! I am excited to be with Sora Cutler again, she's still the same enthusiastic, bright, funny girl and I love her to death! We share an apartment with Sora Routson, my dear trainer, and Sora Spangler! They are great leaders, this is a new experience for me to serve with only sisters, but I love these three! We've made some great goals as a district and as a companionship! Our vision is to help the members become better teachers by helping them prepare to teach on Sunday. We also want to help them to understand what repentance truly means, because someone has said that if our members truly understand repentance, they will never fall away. If they become stronger, they will be able to help us build. And to help them become stronger, we need to become stronger as well. We want to better understand the doctrine so that we can become better planners and teachers. We are planning on doing a lot of teaching this transfer, it's exciting! I have made some personal goals as well. It's hard to keep goals, but I am so thankful that a mission has taught me how to plan and have a vision while also being focused in the present. Some of my goals have been to study one of the Christlike attributes every month so that I will be able to remember Christ always and better serve those around me. I want to become a better teacher and missionary, and so one of my greatest goals is to be brave. I want to look people in the eyes and speak more confidently and smile more. I want to have more gratitude prayers and for others and not be distracted so that I can look for opportunities to serve. But one of the biggest is that I want to be able to correct myself, but not beat myself down. I will give everything that I have to serve the people of Bacau. I love the Lord and I believe that with His help and His Spirit, I will become a more confident, courageous, Christlike disciple that will love others with His love. Thank you, for your examples and prayers. I could never repay you for all that you've taught me, but multumesc din inima mea! (Thanks from my heart!)


Sora Lunt

 PICTURES:  The family is from Iasi, the Stoica family, the most amazing family!  The fireworks were right by our window, was kinda hard to go to sleep since we live right by Centru, but they sure looked cool! Then a look at the beautiful city day and night with our foursome!  Last is a picture of our church (from Google Maps -- added by Mom) :)