February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Sper ca voi toti ati avut o zi foarte bun ieri (I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday), Valentines Day! I've learned a lot about the love of God this week, it was a beautiful, wonderful week here in the beautiful city of Buc!

 I'll begin by telling you more about our district! We have four elders and four sisters, it's a lot of fun! (I'm actually the oldest sister missionary in our district, that's crazy!) First, there's my amazing companion Sora Kimberly Linder from Colorado. She is very funny and sweet, she loves the people in our branch and our investigators, she's very confident, and she loves One Direction, Coca-Cola, and BYU-Idaho! :) (Go Rexburg!)  We have our own apartment and then there's the Sister Training Leaders:  Sora Green and Sora Rich!  Sora Green is super cute and loving, she loves smiling at people and making new friends. She's very creative and when you talk to her, she makes you feel like the most important person in the world. Then Sora Rich (the sister with the cute glasses) is very smart and fun, she loves hammocks, taking pictures, and she's very good at the language and getting to know new people! I'm lucky to have them!  Then there's the Elders: Elder Gunsay and his trainee, Elder Abraham (Avraam in limba Romana) and Elder Chatterton and Elder DeLuna, our district leader. Elder Gunsay is super smart and enthusiastic, he's really good at the language. Elder Avraam is pretty new, but he tries hard at everything he does!  Elder Chatterton (I served with him in Iasi) is a good leader.  Elder DeLuna (served with him in Ploiesti) is super funny and loves cracking jokes. We have a good district! 

And we have a good city. Buc is so big, there is always something new to see and explore! It's been warm lately, feels like spring is coming! Since Buc is huge, we mostly get around by the metro, tramvi, bus, or taxi if we really need to hurry. :) But now that it's warming up, I hope we'll get to walk more, maybe ride bikes on P-Day! :) 

We also have a good branch. All the members have amazing stories and just make you feel so loved. President Doru is great, every time he speaks, you can tell he puts his whole heart into it. Sora Preda is the branch usher and she loves choir and missionary work, for her birthday in March, she wants to spend the day with us! Fratele Iachimov is the second counselor and a devoted member, husband and father. We have some really cute Young Women in our branch:  President Doru's daughters Maria and Diana, Fratele Iachimov's daughter Oliva, Catalina, and two other girls named Han and Goun. Three of the less-active members we visited came to church, I was so happy to see them. I've learned a lot about love this transfer, from love stems other Christlike attributes like courage, humility, obedience, and faith.

On Friday, we watched the Restoration movie with one of our investigators, Ane. The Spirit was powerful, she loved it and when we gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, she was so excited to learn about it. In Young Women's, we were talking about the purpose of life on earth. Sora Linder had the idea of going around the room and everyone saying one nice thing about every one of the girls. Both of these experiences were very special to me, because they helped me and Sora Linder and Ane and all the Young Women feel the love of God. The Restoration and the Plan of Salvation, our whole purpose here on earth, ties back to the love of our Father in Heaven, His Son Jesus Christ, and our love for both of them and for His children. There have been times when I feel worried, but like a scripture I found this morning in 2 Nephi 18:21-22, if we fret about the worldly things and fail to keep an eternal perspective, then we will be driven to darkness and forget, like in 2 Nephi 4, in whom we have trusted. Trusting in our Lord's love doesn't make our problems disappear, but it gives us the peaceful assurance that with His strength, we can make it through. It may take me a while to understand this entirely, but I do love the Lord and His work. I will do all I can to try my best to love with the Lord's love and then I will trust in His love. And I can testify that that will bring miracles, we were lead to a Van's store and met a girl named Andreea. She once lived in Canada, but she's struggling to find purpose in her life. She really wants to meet with us! The Lord has blessed me and I know He will bless you!  Va iubesc! (I love you!)


Sora Lunt

Hannah wrote her sister a poem for her birthday & we thought we'd share:


I've learned a lot from you over the years,

lessons very important.

But there is one in particular that I want to thank you for:

The Sunshine in you.

No matter where you go, what time, what season,

you have sunshine in you.

Even when it cold and dark

there's a sun shining from your heart.

Even when life's unfair and things go wrong,

you still have a light nothing can take.

I've wanted to have that more than anything,

to be like you.

So I've tried to find out how.

And the more I learn, the more I realize this truth:

The sunshine in you is from a cheerful heart.

A heart that filled with love for everyone and everything around you.

A heart that believes that everything will work out.

A heart that shares warmth and light with those who have none.

A heart that grows more and more with every act of kindness.

A heart full of sunshine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the sunshine in you.