February 8, 2016

 Bucuresti: un oras de miracole (Bucharest: a city of miracles)

Buna ziua, draga familia si prietene mele! (Hello, dear family and friends!)  Incepa saptemana doua in Panduri, si sunt foarte entusiazmat! (Week two in Panduri begins, and I'm very excited!) Panduri, the part of Bucharesti where I serve, is an amazing city; I love it so much already!

 Deci (So), about Bucuresti, I love it! The skies have been clear and sunny for days, but there's still a bit of a chill in the air reminding us it's not quite spring yet. But Bucuresti is beautiful, there are so many amazing buildings like Vladimir's ("Dracula") original castle remains, and tons of museums, malls, restaurants and more to see here! It remindes me of New York City with a Romanian twist!  We get around by taking the metro (I'm trying to memorize the lines and stops :)), by tramvi, by bus, and sometimes we walk!

 There are so many amazing people here; the branch has some of the most amazing members who love the Lord and the gospel! Our branch president, President Doru, is actually the man who Mom sent me the story about with Zoya's story, he is tare! (cool) and we work with his daughters Maria and Diana since we help with the Young Women!  I've been able to meet with some of our less-actives and investigators, they are amazing as well!  I love our district, we have some great missionaries here in Panduri and I'm sure we will do great things working together! Sora Linder is an amazing sister, so full of light and happiness. She loves working hard and loves all the people that we work with! I love getting to know the city, there are so many amazing things to see and people to meet!. I am saying the word "love" a lot because this month, I want to study about Charity and love, to better understand and apply this important principle. Love is a wonderful, beautiful gift but as the Book of Mormon says, "charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him [or her]" I believe in this promise and I have seen incredible blessings that come from 'praying unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that [I] may be filled with this love' and acting with faith on this desire. 

 On Saturday, Sora Linder and I decided to go blocknocking. We knocked on the doors and gave away a few cards when I felt like we should go to the block next door. We went to the very top floor and one of the first doors we knocked was answered by a woman who was very happy to see us. Her name was Andreea and she said that she would love to come to English! After she closed the door, we were about to leave when Sora Linder realized that we had forgotten to ask her for her number. We were both nervous about making it awkward, but we felt like we needed to go back and so we did and we ended up getting her number and having a great conversation with her! If we hadn't listened to the Spirit, we probably would have seemed ungrateful for the blessing we had received and our faith, courage, and love would have been weakened. These attributes, I'm learning, are like muscles, the more you use them to act, the stronger they get.

 But through this, on Sunday, we were also blessed with two other miracles: a man brought his work associate to church, who happened to be an investigator I knew from Iasi! She was thrilled to see me, because she was so worried about going to a church where she didn't know anyone, but in testimony meeting, she actually stood and bore her testimony!  Later that day, we were searching for a less-active family with only the block number, but we found it, were able to find the apartment, but no one answered. We asked to make sure they lived there, and when it was affirmed, we were writing a note to them when a man stepped out of the elevator. He was actually the brother of the father, but he gave us the correct information! I was so happy, the Lord puts us where He knows will be a blessing to others, even those we don't know or expect.

I am so excited for this transfer! I am sure that there are great things ahead, for me and for you! Va Iubesc!


Sora Lunt

  Some pictures of my new companion, Sora Linder, my old companion Sora Weaver (now home), the hill Chismegeu - where Romania was dedicated by President Nelson, and our Panduri Young Women!  Romania is the City of Crows, I have never seen so many before! Some cool Romanian architecture, Dracula's castle remains, on cobblestone streets, and Carturesti, the most amazing bookstore ever!