March 14, 2016

 "We are glorious!" -- Mai mult miracule si adventure in Buc! (More Miracles and Adventures in Buc!)

This has been a fun week! I'm excited that with transfers I'm staying in Bucuresti! I love this city, and I love the people here, there is so much ahead that I'm excited for! I'm sad to see Sora Linder go, but I know she is a dependable, thoughtful missionary and that Constanta will be greatly blessed to have her! I'm excited to serve with Sora Green, she's a very hard worker and she cares a lot about the gospel and about the people! She is a wonderful leader and I will do all I can to follow her example and become the same!

This week has been filled with amazing experiences and wonderful people. On Tuesday, for our English spiritual thought, we wanted to speak about the Book of Mormon. We were able to tell them how the Book of Mormon is another witness that God and Jesus Christ live and love us all and we invited them to take a copy. Three of our students took copies, Sora Linder and I were so happy! The Book of Mormon has brought me closer to my Father in Heaven countless times, and I know if they sincerely read and pray, it will do the same for them. Sora Linder shared something an investigator told her before I came to Bucuresti, which we shared with a member this week: "When you give someone a book like this, you're giving them a universe." I love this thought, because the Book of Mormon really does open your eyes and your heart to the joy of learning to live and become like our Savior.

One less-active member we visited this week, Victoria, shared with us how reading the Book of Mormon opened her heart and allowed the Spirit to come back into her home. Through the Spirit, Sora Weaver and Linder were able to find her again, and we were able to meet with her and have her miraculous experience strengthen our own testimonies. 

On Saturday, our last English class for two weeks, we showed our students Meet the Mormons (Faceti Cunostinta cu Mormonii). It brought tears to my eyes watching the movie, because living what we believe is our greatest missionary tool and through this film, we can show our students that we do live what we know is true. Then later, our district was able to have dinner with our branch president and his family: President Vasile Doru, his wife Ana-Maria (she's a wonderful cook, almost as good as my Mom!) :), his daughters Maria and Diana and his son Iosef (Joseph). They are the most wonderful family, their love for each other, for the members, and for the Lord and His church is such an example. President Doru shared with us about his conversion, about how he stowed away on a boat to escape Communism and escaped to Canada, where he found the gospel and was baptized. After his baptism, the Holy Ghost told him that he needed to go back to Romania. He fasted and prayed, and decided to obey. And then he bore his testimony to us that the Lord has blessed him and his beloved country more than he ever imagined, through the restored gospel. Then he said something I will never forget. He told me and Sora Linder: "Sisters, you are glorious. You are doing the Lord's work and the work is glorious. We are all glorious because His work is to bring us His glory." I know this is true, we are glorious because we are God's children and because we all play a part in His great work!  We have also contacted some cool new people, one Sora Linder met in the mall was finally able to meet with us, a girl named Anca. She is very considerate and open, and we are hoping to be able to meet with her again soon! I'm so excited for all that the Lord has in store! 

 I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember, you are glorious!

Va Iubesc! 


Sora Lunt