May 9, 2016

Ziua de Mama! (Happy Mother's Day!)

I hope you all had a wonderful week and a ziua de mama fericita! (happy mother's day!)  I had such an amazing week!  

This week was a week of both warm and cold weather, sunshine and rain. There was a cool targ set up in Chismigiu park, little shops to celebrate Easter, selling Romania eggs and so many traditional things!  This week, so many wonderful things happened! I learned a lot from the STL call, thank you for what you said about finding is not wandering, but searching with purpose, with faith that if we are prepared, the Lord will lead us to those who are prepared. This had a huge impact on me, I have witnessed many miracles from finding with a purpose and I am going to work hard with Sora Green and with our zone so that we can see the blessings of true finding. We have such amazing elders and sisters in this zone, we have seen so many wonderful things happen in both of our districts. And I feel that if we are united and work hard with the Spirit together, we will see many more miracles! I love serving with Sora Green, her patience, hard work, and love for everyone has been an example to me.

We had a lesson with Aurelia this week, she is having a hard time because her mother is strictly Orthodox and she is worried about what her family will say if she is baptized. She is also having a hard time coming to church with her working so late on Saturday. We read with her about Ammon and King Lamoni's father, how even though at the beginning, his father would not accept the truth, through Lamoni's faith and courage, Ammon's example, and Aaron's teachings, that eventually he did accept the truth. We are hoping to work with her with another YSA member Catalina. 

We saw the miracle of setting a goal to find two new investigators this week. We prayed and worked as hard as we could to accomplish this goal and we did! We are blessed to work with Haba and Corina as our newest investigators. Haba is a student from Guinea, a very sweet girl who is Catholic and speaks French. She only speaks a little English, but she has very strong faith in Christ and is open to learning more about what we believe. We also now work with Corina. On Friday, we wanted to invite a lot of people to the film night with the Mihai Bravu sisters, but everyone was busy but Corina. It was such a wonderful night because we showed a clip from Meet the Mormons and she loved it! She wants to see the entire movie, and after the other movie was over, we ended up having a great lesson with her, the Mihai Bravu sisters, Talita and the Winders about being a light and an example. I am so thankful for this experience, that the Lord directed us to her and that we can help her come closer to Christ.

What a wonderful blessing the gospel is, that we can experience such great joy from acting in faith and relying on the Lord!  Thank you to my mom, my grandmas, aunts, and all the wonderful mothers who teach this important principle to their families!  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful teachers and examples!  Have a wonderful week! va iubesc! 


Sora Lunt