May 23, 2016

A week of Finding!

Buna ziua, draga familia si prietenii mei! Ce faceti? How are you all? I hope that you all had a wonderful week!  It's hard for me to believe that we only have two weeks left in the transfer, it's gone by so fast!  But it's been a wonderful transfer!

Sora Green and I had a week filled with amazing things happening!  I had a great exchange with Sora Stanley on Tuesday, she is a wonderful sister, full of enthusiam and love for others!  She loves talking to people, learning the lessons, and to help everyone around her!  I'm very lucky to be in her district! With her, we had a wonderful lesson with their investigator Nicoleta and her father Constantin!  They are wonderful people who I feel really are searching for truth.  We taught them about how the Book of Mormon is true, Nicoleta told me she will pray to know if it's true and she wants to finish the Book of Mormon and the Bible by the end of the year!  

We were able to meet with two of our investigators, Crenguta and Haba, they are both very open and very accepting of what we are teaching them. Haba has progressed so well, it's amazing to see how even though she might not understand every word we say, when we rely on the Spirit, we are able to see that she understands what is really important and she believes it.  Please keep them in your prayers, that their hearts will continued to be touched.

I also had an amazing exchange with Sora Elliott, she is an amazing finder, not afraid to go talk to people and she is very genuine, you can tell that she cares about people, members, investigators, even strangers.  

I'm very excited about zone conference this week, Sora Green and I are excited to talk about finding, especially since this week, finding with a purpose has helped us to meet many new people this week who we feel strongly could become investigators.  We met two young mothers named Monica and Bianca, they told us they want to come to our English class and they want to learn more about what we believe!  

I am very blessed to serve with Sora Green; she has helped me so much, especially with having the faith to find and the faith to act. We are giving a presentation on finding at Zone Conference this week, and we want to help our missionaries understand that finding is contacting with a purpose, praying to find those who are prepared to hear the truth, and then acting with faith, doing all that you can so that the Spirit can help you the rest of the way. Then, when you find those who are prepared, it's important to follow the promptings of the Spirit and ask the right questions so you can teach them according to their needs. I know from experience just how important it is to make sure we are not just teaching from routine, but that we teach so that the person, the investigator can understand and feel the Spirit testifying of its truthfulness. I am so thankful that I get to do this, and I am so thankful for what Sora Green has taught me about faith in the Lord and believing in ourselves. "God didn't create you to be someone else, you created you to be you, so be the best you can be!" 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Va iubesc!  


Sora Lunt


My exchange with Sora Stanley, she's so great! 

I forgot to say, we went finding on Noapte Muzeilor (Night of Museums) when all the museums were free and it was neat cause there were so many people! 

Sora Rich and Stanley playing their violins at our branch contacting activity in Cismigiu!