June 20, 2016

Another week of sunshine and rain! :)

Buna ziua, draga familia si prieteni mei! Multumesc ca ati scris pe mine, inseamna foarte mult, va iubesc! (Hello my dear family and friends! Thank you for taking the time to write to me, that means so much and I love you!) This has been quite a remarkable week, there have been days of warm sunshine and czech ice cream (which is really good by the way:)) and nights like last night where clouds gather, the wind blows fiercely and a fifteen minute walk to your apartment from the park leaves you soaked to the bone notwithstanding the umbrellas you brought..lol. :) but we have seen a lot of good things happen too, I can't wait to tell you about it! But first, eu trebuie sa spun multumesc (I have to say thank you)! Especially with it being Father's day yesterday!! To all fathers, especially the fathers in my family: my Grandpa Larry, my Grandpa Maughn, to all my uncles and the future fathers in our family, to the wonderful father my brother Joseph will be one day, and most especially to my funny, kind, hardworking, loving, brave, strong, Christlike and absolutely amazing dad I say: Multumesc (Thank you). To quote Elder Christofferson, "Fathers are fundamental in the divine plan of happiness... for the good that men can do in the highest of masculine roles—husband and father."  I know that this is true for me and I can testify that fathers are a blessing to families because they help us to come to know our Heavenly Father as well.

This was a good week, even if it was a little hard to meet with people with it being summer and everyone is leaving on vacation. But I'm very thankful to have the example of Sora Chandler, she is always smiling and reminding me to keep trying and keep trusting in the Lord. She is a wonderful missionary, I'm very blessed to be with her. She has also come up with a lot of creative ideas to find people, like translating quotes or asking people how they found hope. We were led through the Spirit to people who we had wonderful conversations with, and we met a young college student named Roxana who has heard about the Church and is curious to know more! We are hoping to meet with her this week, Sora Chandler was correct when she said when you trust the Spirit, no matter how hard things are going, the Lord will lead you and bless you. We also were able to meet with a girl we had met in the park the week before, Margareta. She was curious about why we are here and the Church and so we were able to share with her a little about what we believe. We hope to meet with her again soon. And Sunday, we were able to talk with a friend of a member who has been coming to church for a while and we want to meet with her as well. This week we have witnessed many blessings from the Lord, not always what we expect, but He blesses us when we trust and do. Sometimes I feel discouraged when I feel my efforts will never be enough or make a difference. But in the sacrament, I was reminded that without the Savior and His Atonement, it would not be enough. But because of His Atonement and God's love, we can become stronger every week and keep trying and we will become better. If we act on what the Spirit tells us, we will always make a difference. I don't always know how they will or how I can be good enough to do it, but we will keep trying to double our efforts because we believe the promise that the Spirit will always be with us if we always remember the Savior. 

Thanks to all and have an amazing week! 

Va iubesc! 


Sora Lunt

I'm sorry, the computer won’t let me send pictures but I'll try next week!