June 27, 2016

 A Week of Lessons and Miracles!  "The Savior prepares the way before you" -President Eyring

Ciao, draga familia si prietenii mei! (In the West, to say hello and goodbye, everyone says Ciao!) This has been a great week with lots of sun and great experiences! Multumesc for all your emails, I love hearing how you all are doing! It really makes my Monday and my week hearing from all of you, I can feel the Spirit reading your emails and I know your testimonies bless me and others. It's amazing how the Spirit can turn a small Internet cafe into a holy place where my testimony is strengthened and I know many here are blessed through your prayers! Va iubesc!

This was an amazing week! I just saw this quote on lds.org by President Eyring and I thought that it was perfect for this week: "When you go to comfort and serve anyone for the Savior, He prepares the way before you."

Sora Chandler and I had amazing experiences that leave me feeling grateful, humbled and with a stronger testimony that the Lord knows and loves each of us and that as we listen to the Spirit, that He will teach us important lessons and will help us to become instruments in blessing others and we too are blessed. On Monday, Sora Chandler and I went to the park, it was a beautiful evening so there were a lot of people out. We decided to try our sondaj and Sora Chandler was amazing, she walked right up to many people and was talking, I can see how her courage is growing through all her efforts. She walked up to a small family sitting on the bench, a woman with her husband and two little girls. We started talking to her, and Eunice opened up to us about how much she loves God and the Savior and how she has tried to raise her family to believe in God because she has seen how much He has blessed her. She speaks English very well and she gave us her number, we hope to meet with her this week! To me, this was a witness that when we listen to the Spirit and respond with trust and courage, He will lead us. This testimony has been strengthened as we were able to meet with two new investigators: Anca and Lidia. Anca came to our English class but recently we began to meet with her little girl Laura to have individual lessons. Sora Chandler and I both felt like we should ask Anca if she was interested to learn more about the Church. We were a little nervous, but she was excited and yesterday we were able to have a wonderful lesson with her about the Restoration! She has all sorts of questions, but she is very open and eagerly accepted a Book of Mormon and wants to come to church! This was a miracle and I felt the Spirit so strongly, it made me so happy to bear my testimony that it is all true. We felt that same wonderful Spirit in our lesson with Lidia, the friend of Sora Lidia, when we taught her the Restoration, she is excited for us to come and teach her more! This is another witness that the Lord leads us to those who are prepared if we are prepared and if we have that testimony and follow the Spirit, we will be lead. I am excited for zone conference this week in Cluj! It's about 5 hours aways and I've heard it's a beautiful city, and I'm sure we will learn amazing things there! 

Have an amazing week si va iubesc!


Sora Lunt

I love seeing Joseph's Chile flag next to mine on the front porch at home.  Pictures of Sora Chandler and I last Sunday when we got caught in a surprise downpour, us with our elders: Elder Farnsworth and his trainee Elder Winder, they're cool, and a copy of the poem "Footprints" that we found in Romanian and a cute selfie!