June 6, 2016

Off to the West... 11th Transfer Adventures in Arad!!

Buna ziua draga familia si prietenii mei!! I hope you all had an amazing week! Another transfer has begun, and brings new changes! I'm leaving for the west tonight...to ARAD to be with Sora Chandler! I have now served in every area of Romania: Central, East, Bucuresti, and now the west! Romania is such an amazing country, so beautiful and diverse! I am sad to leave Bucuresti, I've spent three amazing transfers here, with two amazing companions, amazing districts and zones, and amazing people! But I'm getting ahead of myself, trebuie sa spun multumesc pentru fiecare dintre voi! I need to say how thankful I am for all of you! Multumesc! Thank you for all your emails, your prayers, your faith, and your love! Through all this, you have blessed me and so many people out here!

 I'm very excited for this transfer! Arad sounds like an amazing city and I'm excited to serve with Sora Chandler! I'm sad to leave Bucuresti, but I know that Sora Green and Sora Simmons will do amazing things here! I will miss Sora Green so much, she has taught me so much these last two transfers I have served with her. But I think that the biggest lessons I learned are the importance of teaching, finding, and doing everything in unity. We have worked really hard to role play in companionship study so that in our lessons we will be able to support each other and teach in unity with the Spirit. This is the most important unity, to teach according to what the Lord wants us to do, because He knows what is best. And I have seen changes in our teaching, the Lord has blessed us as we have tried hard. I am sure that amazing things will continue to happen in Bucuresti, Sora Green and I have seen so many wonderful things already, I was so happy when one of our investigators Crenguta came to the broadcast Sunday! Sora Green and I had been praying that at least one of our people could come to church with us, and she came! She loved the broadcast and we are hoping that she will want to continue to learn about the Gospel.

I loved the broadcast as well, I think that what Elder Kearon shared about hurrying to respond to the Lord's call for greater faith and greater love is what we will do when we double our efforts. This transfer President Ivory wants us to work hard on doubling our efforts, working twice as hard to change ourselves and to help others change for the better.  I will work as hard as I can to be worthy of the Spirit so that I can do my part to double my efforts. I know it won't be easy, but I believe that if we do what Elder Christofferson said, and remain obedient and submissive to the will of the Lord, then we and those we love will experience positive change. Just like this quote that Sora Green just shared with me that she found in this month's Liahona from Elder Evans article: "A mission is not easy. Neither is life.But through all of this we come to know God, and we grow to become the Savior’s disciples. Our hearts change, and that change becomes permanent as we continue to choose righteousness over sin and doubt."  I know that in many ways I have changed and I will work hard with Sora Chandler so that we can continue to change for the better! I'm so excited!

Have a wonderful week! Va iubesc!


Sora Lunt

Our chapel, Funny license plate...STL get it? :) ha ha, Picture of my district!! From top row: Elder Hubbard, Elder Swafford, Elder Wilstead, Elder Gunsay, Sora Green, Sora Rich, me, and Sora Stanley!  AND lots of pictures with people I love!