July 18, 2016

Last Transfer!!!

Buna ziua draga familia si prietene mele! I'm so happy to hear from all of you! It is my favorite part of P-day for sure! Va iubesc si multumesc! As my title says, another transfer has passed!! It's gone by so fast, but I have loved serving in Arad! It's a wonderful city filled with wonderful people! I'm so happy that I will be staying! I'm going to miss Sora Chandler so much though, she is such a wonderful missionary!

 I have loved this last transfer. I have learned so much from Sora Chandler, she is a wonderful missionary and a true friend to everyone around her because she truly loves them with Christ's love. She's sad to leave Arad and everyone here, and we all are sad to see her go, but i know she will do amazing things in Sibiu! I loved serving around Sora Stanley in Bucuresti and I am excited to see her again and for the positive impact she is going to be here! It's hard to believe that I am in my last transfer, it is very bittersweet.  I don't want to lose all that i've learned, everyone that I love, and all that I've become. But I am finding peace in knowing that I will always be Sora Lunt even when I don't have the missionary name tag, that if I continue to apply all that I've learned, listen to the Spirit and stay close to the Lord, then I will always be a missionary. I still have weaknesses and shortcomings that I am working to overcome, but I have learned and am still learning that through the Lord, I can do anything He asks.

We saw this as we found this week, we were able to meet three new people: a soon to be mother named Simona, and a couple, Cica and Maria. There was that moment beforehand of fear, but the Spirit gave us the courage to open our mouths and we were able to have wonderful conversations with them. Please don't think I am boasting, in fact, I was humbled through this experience and learned that it's not our courage through which we are able to speak to people, but the Lord blessing us through the Spirit.  We were able to teach a member's wife Mariana about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how the Church can help us to become like Christ. She started crying and said she didn't know if it was possible to become like Him in a world so dark and corrupt. The Spirit was very strong as we were able to bear testimony to her that through the Savior, we can become like Him, we can become everything that our Heavenly Father wants us to be and knows we can become through His Son.

I had witness of this when we had a wonderful exchange in Oradea, it is a beautiful city and I loved serving a day with Sora Falkenberg and I can see how much her Christlike love is touching the people. She will be a wonderful trainer! I have loved the Book of Mormon challenge and already I have learned many new things from what Sora Chandler and I have read together. I believe that if I continue to trust in the Lord, then this transfer we will see miracles. I will work hard and do all I can to be worthy to bear the Lord's name and to love others with His love and help them feel closer to Him, just as President Ivory shared in his letter to the missionaries this week. I'd like to close by sharing a little bit of what he told us: "We become an instrument for the Savior when we help people use the atonement and make little changes in their lives. Always invite our friends to make some small change. If they will make and keep small commitments then they will have the enabling power of the atonement that will help them to become "new creatures in Christ".
 Have a wonderful week! Va iubesc! 


Sora Lunt